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Bottle Sealing Machine

Prodcut Detail

It is designed to seal metallic caps / Plastic screw caps of various sizes on the bottles fed on continuous line. It is fully automatic and is of robust construction, complete with a rotary cap feeding hopper and a built in slat conveyor for the incoming and outgoing bottles.An indeed worm & star wheel of appropriate size, transfer the incoming bottles with caps and feed it under the sealing head. The synchronized movement of the bottles and the sealing mechanism provides perfect sealing. The sealed bottles are then further transported by another starwheel and outgoing slat conveyor of the machine


1/4 H.P. Motor - 1 ph.

Output :

40-60 containers per minute.

Overall Dimensions in mm :

81 cm. X 50 cm. X Ht. 91 cm.

Weight :

75 kg.

Application :

  • Gives uniformly perfect & air tight sealing