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Liquid Filling Machine

Prodcut Detail

Mechanically Operated, Double head liquid filling machine to fill any liquid in bottles, tin, Jars and containers. Most suitable of Edible Oil/Ghee, Fruit Juices/squashes, Medicines and mobile oils. All Contact parts are of stainless steel and body of the machine is covered by S.S, Sheet form all the sides. Base wheels are provided for easier portability.

Liquid filling machine is Semi-Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine Liquid filling machine is majorly used for filling free flowing liquids. Liquid filling machine also known as liquid filler and liquid dispenser which is suitable to fill 1ml to 5000ml of any liquid in bottles, cans, jars, tubs Liquid filling is automatic filling machine runs of volumetric filling principle.

Liquid filling machine is widely used for milk filling, bottle filling, jar filling, container filling, oil filling, ointment filling, shampoo filling, juice filling, liquor filling, perfume filling, wine filling, can filling, food product filling by liquid filling machine is completely drip free and accurate in weight. Liquid filling machines are mostly used in pharmaceutical filling & food filling as filler or dispenser flavored milk filling machine and milk filling machine are major applications in liquid filler.

Liquid filler is also called as liquid dispensing equipment. Desired speed can be achieved by liquid filling machine adding filling heads Major liquid fillers are available in 2,4,6,8 heads Liquid Filling machine can produce 50-200 bottles per minute by adding multiple heads to filler head Vinegar filling, perfume filling are used in liquid filling machine. Semi-Viscous liquid can be accurately filled by liquid filler machine

Electricals supply:

230V AC, 50C/s

Output :

2-1000 ml./gm.

Production Capacity

2400-3000 pouch/Hr

Overall Dimensions in mm :

1.05x0.48x0.55 Cu. Mtrs

Weight :

140 Kg approx