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Liquid Pouch Packaging Machines Single Head 1000ml

Product Description

  • The SHIMCO EASY PACK Mechanical model is a PLC controlled full automatic machine
  • One of the biggest feature being the machine having the technology of making 3 side seal sachets pouches being an innovation of its kind in the entire nation especially designed for liquid packing thereby giving a cutting edge on the economy of the pack leading to approx. 25% saving on laminate. Other than 3 side seal the machine also produces 4 side seal pouches.
  • The machine is capable of packing different kinds of liquids, pastes, granules, powders categorized as shampoo, ketchup, oil, lube, petroleum jelly (cream , spices, pan masala, tea coffee and other related products)
  • The machine also has the feature of providing on line zipper facility.
  • Various types of heat sellable laminated films namely polyester poly, polyester metalized polyester poly, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine
  • The machine is further equipped with PID (Proportional integral derivative) based temperature controllers
  • Machine also has the feature of providing spout arrangements.
  • There are three different models available depending on their roll widths viz-a-viz 400mm, 600mm and 800mm
  • Jacket Hopper with heating element for special food products namely catchup, Cheese, jam can be provided as an optional device
  • As an optional device collating system can also be provided in the machine
  • All product contact parts are made of food grade stainless 'steel 55316.
  • Customization option- Photocell arrangement & Batch Coding Device At extra cost


Type Single Head
Machine Dimension 273 x 95 x 110 cm
Gross Weight 500 Kg approx
Cooling Water 100 Ltrs/Hr/ at 20 C.
Electric supply 415+5%V, 3ph,50C/s
Motor Drive 1 H.P., 1Ph.220V,50Hz
Peak Power Rat. 4 KW
Power consumption Approx. 1 Kw/Hr.
Filling Range 200 to 1200 ml.
Packing Material LDPE/HDPE & Other co- extruded films
Production Capacity 700-900 pouch/Hr

Demo Availability : YES