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Semi Automatic Continuous Pouch Sealer Conveyor Type (Big Model)

Product Description

Shimco Continues Pouch sealing machine ( conveyor type ) Continues pouch sealing machine used for high speed bag sealing, bag sealing machine are available in different modal vertical bag sealing machine, horizontal bag sealing machine Continues sealing machine suitable for pouch sealing machine, of varies material such as PE, LD, BOPP etc. These machines are High efficiency, low power consumption and small size in continues and bag-clashing machine.

Specialty :

  • Suitable for sealing all kind of Plastic films
  • Sealing length is unlimited.
  • Reliable sealing quality.
  • Compaq design & can use

Machine Dimension 1460 x 625 x 1580 mm
Load 1000W
Pouch Height 3 inch to 16 inch
Sealing Speed 7 metres/ min
Gross Weight 140 Kg approx
Type Vertical (standing pouch) Horizontal (Lying Pouch)
Electric supply 220V AC, 50C/s